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About Us


Our quality policy is to transport the world-wide approved products of high quality in our sector to our customers via our educated staff with good communication skills, to analyze our customers’ demands and complaints thoroughly in order to act in a quick way and to struggle to recover all of them, and to assure the regularity and applicability of quality management.


GÜRMED is one of the leading companies in its region for its laboratory tools in medical sector. The company works with many Official and Private Institutions. The company keeps on improving its range of products and quality level. Beside its range of products aimed at diagnosis and treatment services, the company is involved in the research projects of universities and technoparks with advanced technology, experience and quality.

Here are the brands to which GÜRMED, concertedly with its distributors, offers marketing, maintenance and technical support: AID, Applied Biosystems, Baxa, BioDPC, Digene, Genetika, Gen-Probe, HAIN, IMF, Innogenetics, Invitek, Makro Healthcare, NeoCare, Ogham, RoboScreen, Sarstedt, ViennaLab. Here are some of the brands of which GÜRMED is a distributor: Siemens, Biomerieux,Schwarzer, Hema, and Dima. GARNET has chosen many cities in different regions of Turkey as a market for itself.

            “Customer Orientation” is a part of GÜRMED’s marketing strategy and “being respectful to the society” principle. The performance of the staff of GÜRMED which conducts its sale and marketing facility in Turkey is measured each year with the surveys of customer satisfaction, and the plans to increase the satisfaction are carried out.



The installation of the provided equipments is performed by postgraduate, educated and experienced specialists in their field. Maintenance services are as well performed by our specialists during and after guaranty period.

            According to our social responsibility principle, our aim is to take precautions before facing any failure in medical field with the understanding of maintenance and technical support that keep the productivity at the maximum level and to respond to any failure in 7 days and 24 hour.



GÜRMED, leading the way in its field, has carried out studies on how to solve the inner troubles of medical companies, and gathered all these studies under the name of MIM( Medical Operating System), conducted with the supports of Turkey Republic and European Union. It is aimed to set standard for all medical firms with MIM.

The company is interested in key-ready projects in hospitals and laboratories.