The most advanced technology for your health

Our Vision and Mission


To be the chief company of the Medical groups in Turkey, to be the company whose products are preferred most in the medicine community, and to carry on the path confidently to the future via improving with international health projects.

GÜRMED continues its existence for 17 years in the sector having gone through different phases. The company has kept on developing steadily taking logical risks, protecting its reputation, and without experiencing dangerous adventures in difficult and variable situations. Improving is a goal for GÜRMED. This goal is to be the leader of the sector in Turkey and to take part in global projects well-rounded in international market.

To sign its own name in the wide-reaching area steering into international market with its experiences and power gained in Turkey is going to reinforce GÜRMED’s pride in Turkey as well.



GÜRMED offers “the most advanced technology for your health” and feels happy and proud about it.

GÜRMED is highly conscious that “life is beautiful, a healthy life is much more beautiful.” Thus, transmitting the most advanced technology to our customers for a healthy life is GÜRMED’s reason of being.